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This Solution Is NOT Right For Everyone.

This solution is billed on a Monthly Retainer + Performance Pay model.

That means if you're not doing enough deal flow to justify the cost, this will be a loser for both of us.

In the simplest sense:

Unless you're doing AT LEAST $6,000,000 of Multifamily Acquisitions over the next 12 months, this service is not a fit.

Also, while this Done-For-You Multifamily Deal Pipeline Solution covers everything from Raw Data and Lead Generation to never-ending Ongoing Follow Up...

... You will be responsible for Underwriting and Offers + Negotiations.

We can serve up the deal on a sliver platter, but you'll still have to take it across the finish line.

If this sounds like it would be a fit, keep reading.


Why Hire a 3rd Party to Build and Manage Your Multifamily Deal Pipeline?

The Problem we Solve with this Done-For-You Deal Sourcing Solution can be summed up in two words:


In particular, there are 2 ways most Multifamily Investors are riduculously overpaying when it comes to their Deal Sourcing:

  • Overpaying on Hard Costs
  • Overpaying on Opportunity Costs

We'll briefly cover both below.

PROBLEM #1: Overpaying on Hard Costs

First & foremost, by building a proprietary, exclusive Deal Pipeline with this type of solution, you are saving a ton on Broker Fees and pricing battles, by going straight to the deal source (vs. shopping over the same Listed / MLS deals as everyone else).

To ensure that we're finding deals before anyone else, and we're painstakingly sourcing steady dealflow in ways that none but the most sophisticated & well heeled investors will ever consider.

We're systematically sourcing deals every way possible and investing in never-ending follow up with our ever-expanding network of Owners and Professionals, to ensure we're always first on the scene when an Owner decides to Sell.


Let's take the scenario of:

A $10m purchase price, on the open MLS.

A 4% Broker Fee, which might be low, but will work for our example,

Assume a 5% premium on the final sale price, due to it being over-shopped on the open market.

In this scenario, you've overpayed:

$10m x 4% = $400,000 toward Broker Fees

$10m x 5% = $500,000 toward Open Market Over-Shopped Pricing

Overpaying by $900,000, or 9% of the Total Transaction Value!

That is $900,000 you will have freed up by taking the Ordo Group approach (which would've costed 66% - 89% less, or only $100,000 - $300,000, by contrast).

PROBLEM #2: Overpaying on Opportunity Costs

Let's take it for granted you're already either actively building your own proprietary Deal Pipeline using similar methods to those outlined herein... or at least you're thinking about it.

You are well aware that --- while there are deals on the MLS --- ultimately you're overpaying when buying Listed properties through Brokers.

Maybe you already have a marketing team, and have run some Direct Mail or Cold Calling campaigns.


The cost in time, energy, and effort...

... The Opportunity Cost ...

... Of building out an entire Multifamily Deal Funnel to the scale & scope of what we have done here, is almost definitely NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!

Why reinvent the wheel:

  • Creating hundreds of Scripts, Templates, and SOPs,
  • Testing & sourcing the best Multifamily Owner Data,
  • Plus targeted Broker & Property Manager Decision Maker Lists,
  • Hiring, training, and managing your own Marketing & Sales Teams,
  • Building a hot-shot cadre of highly compensated Deal Chasers,
  • Creating multi-step Marketing Automations and Drip Sequences,
  • Committing to consistent, systematic, never-ending Follow Up & Nurturing?

Do you really want to invest in all that yourself?

Should you?

Or is your time better spent actually:

  • underwriting deals,
  • making offers, and
  • raising more capital?

Due to our experience working simultaneously in many markets, plus our proven team, and our costly software stack, we have real economies of scale for every step in the above mentioned Multifamily Deal Sourcing Pipeline.

We've tested & invested in all the fanciest tools, technology, and courses out there, so you don't have to!

Through thousands of man-hours, experimenting, refining, and honing our approach, we've built the premier Multifamily Deal Sourcing System on the planet.

You can put all that to use in your own Investing Business, securing local market exclusivity to our Intellectual Property, without having to rebuild the Titanic or reinvent the wheel...

... And achieve all that for significantly less hard costs than it would take to build it all yourself (or stick to strictly sourcing deals on the open market through Brokers)!

Read on to learn how it works, and every single item included in this Done-For-You Bundled Deal Sourcing Solution.

Is This Multifamily Deal Sourcing Solution Right for You? Find Out On a Free Strategy Session w/ ORDO GROUP Founder Here


How & Why We Created This Done-For-You Multifamily Deal Sourcing Solution

From the Desk of Marshall Hatfield ORDO GROUP Founder Cincinnati, OH July 2020

Welcome fellow Multifamily Investors!

If you're looking for a deal pipeline solution to buy off-market apartment buildings, you've come to the right place.

My Super Quick Personal Backstory:

In case you don't already know me, here is my ultra short backstory (how we got here):

I got into real estate as a Fix & Flipper in 2012.

In 2013, I also started a Real Estate Marketing & Virtual Assistant Agency (REVAS), which I'm in the process of selling (so I can focus 100% on Ordo Group).

It was at REVAS I got to see inside hundreds of the world's top Real Estate Companies. I learned what worked, and I learned proprietary systems & processes built by highly successful Real Estate Entrepreneurs.

As a service provider, we ran dozens of different Real Estate Lead Generation campaigns for these Clients.

We got front-lines intel, raw data that allowed us to make clean, "apples to apples" comparisons between campaigns for Real Estate Brokers, Fix & Flippers, and Institutional Investors.

We learned, definitively, what campaigns generated the best ROIs across the board, whether it was to get more Listings, buy more Houses, or acquire more Commercial Assets.

That last one was the real kicker:

The hottest campaign we ever ran at REVAS was helping well capitalized buyers find, analyze, and acquire hot, off-market Commercial Real Estate.

The Birth of a Done-For-You Multifamily Deal Pipeline Solution

And that brings us here, now:

We took everything we learned, working for successful Investor Clients at REVAS, made it our own, then tweaked, tested, and improved it until we've finally created the most sophisticated Done-For-You Multifamily Deal Sourcing Solution in the world!

We started out offering this Done-For-You Multifamily Deal Pipeline Solution on a pure performance basis, getting paid a percentage-based Finder's Fee on the Buy-Side at Closing (we still have a few lucky Clients on this model!).

However, it wasn't long before we got maxed out on the pure performance basis, with a waiting list urging us to build a top-gun team of Lead Generation & Deal Chasing experts.

You ask, we deliver!

Today, ORDO GROUP has put together (for a select few qualified Investors):

  • A completely Done-For-You Multifamily Deal Pipeline Management Solution...
  • From Raw Data & Lead Generation, to never-ending Ongoing Follow Up...
  • Opening & nurturing relationships with Owners, Agents, Property Managers, and Lenders...
  • All to help you find those hot off-market multifamily deals in your target buy-box before anyone else gets to them!

Overview: What You'll Find on This Page

On this page, you'll find everything you need to get started with this fully Done-For-You Multifamily Deal Pipeline Solution.

This process has been proven in action in some of the most competitive markets for Apartment Building Investors.

We've developed proprietary Systems & Processes, plus a top notch team of Lead Generators and Deal Chasers. Work with us, and we'll put these resources to work for you (if you qualify).

If you have questions or want to speak with me before pulling the trigger:

Book a Deal Sourcing Strategy Session call directly onto my calendar.

During our Strategy Session, I'll give you a quick overview of how it all works, answer any questions you may have, and help determine whether the Done-For-You Multifamily Deal Pipeline Solution will be a good ROI for you.

Speak to you soon!

Thanks, --- Marshall Hatfield Founder & CEO ORDO GROUP

Is The Done-For-You Multifamily Deal Sourcing Solution Right for You? Find Out On a Free Strategy Session w/ ORDO GROUP Founder Here


Exactly How We'll Generate a Steady Flow of Off-Market Multifamily Deals For You

As part of this fully Done-For-You Deal Sourcing Solution, we'll be handling everything from Raw Data to never-ending Ongoing Follow Up, including:

  1. Raw Data
  2. Skip Tracing
  3. List Scrubbing
  4. Cold Texting
  5. Cold Calling
  6. Document Collection
  7. Appointment Setting
  8. Agent Engagement
  9. Property Management Engagement
  10. Lender Engagement
  11. Ongoing Follow Up & Nurturing

We'll be covering each of the above items included with this Done-For-You Solution in detail below.

(Click any item from the list above to jump directly to that section.)

1. Raw Data.

We'll be building your Acquisition Targets List from scratch (or performing List Augmentation for any Targets List you provide).

2. Skip Tracing.

Once we have the Target Properties, we'll be using our own in-house, proprietary system for Skip Tracing to find Owners' Direct Phone Numbers. This will allow us to reach the highest possible percentage of Decision Makers related to your list of Target Properties.

3. List Scrubbing.

In case we need to filter your List once we have all the data on your Target Properties, we can also perform Automated and Manual List Scrubbing... removing any unwanted Deals before we invest into cold outreach.

4. Cold Texting.

The first step for our outreach will be Cold Texting. While we won't have the same level of penetration & saturation as we will via Cold Calling (since, no matter what, you can't text a landline)...

... Cold Texting is also the fastest way to reach potential Owners and Decision Makers, so we always make this our first approach to generate a rapid flurry of responses as soon as we launch.

5. Cold Calling.

Next, we'll "dial for dollars" ... using a highly trained US-based Telemarketer specialized in dealing with Commercial Real Estate Investors, to call everyone on the List.

Ordo Group Telemarketers are specialists at getting past Gate Keepers and finding the right Decision Maker who can give us a real answer on any property.

6. Document Collection.

Before we officially hand off a Deal to you, we'll always handle the hassle of gathering key financial documents on our end.

By the time you're ever talking to a Seller or Underwriting a Deal, you'll already have T12s (at the minimum), P&Ls, Rent Rolls, and / or CapEx Reports.

7. Appointment Setting.

If a Seller fits your buy box and is actually willing to let their property go, once they're pre-qualified, we'll get them on a scheduled call with you.

Depending on your availability, we are even equipped to do a real-time hand-off, either via Live Call Transfer or via real-time Text Introduction (via Individual or Group Text).

8. Agent Engagement.

In addition to approaching the Owners directly to see who wants to sell, we have a 3-pronged approach to Engagement and networking with other potential deal sources in your niche.

The top priority is always going to be Agents & Brokers, since many times they will have off-market Pocket Listings and Private Sellers ready to move.

9. Property Management Engagement.

Beyond Agent Engagement, the next best targets are Property Managers:

We'll reach out to Property Managers in your target area to learn about any potential Sellers before those Owners ever even think about bringing their property to the open market.

10. Lender Engagement.

The last in our trio of "Engagement" targets will be Lenders... particularly Commercial Lenders who have experience in the Multifamily space.

While this will be the least fruitful target for our networking efforts, these Lenders can also be a source of potentially Distressed Assets before anyone else learns of the Owner's situation.

11. Ongoing Follow Up & Nurturing.

Finally, the most important (and most expensive) piece of the whole puzzle is our approach to never-ending Ongoing Follow Up.

The Multifamily Investing space is a small universe. If you're targeting larger (100+ unit) buildings like most of our Clients, the universe is even smaller still.

That's why it's worth it to look at each new relationship as one that will be lasting a life time! Via a combination of Calls, Texts, Emails, and personalized Direct Mail, we'll treat every new contact as someone we'll be staying in front of forever.

You never know when someone will decide to sell, so we'll make sure you're in front of them & top of mind when that decision arises.


What Is Our Goal With This Solution?

In the simplest terms, the goal of this Done-For-You Deal Sourcing Solution is to have you either:

(a) Talking on the phone to a Live Call Transfer (e.g. no phone tag!),


(b) At an in-person appointment with contract in hand.

Everything else will be happening on our end as much as possible (with your help & guidance & direction of course!).

Is This Multifamily Deal Sourcing Solution Is Right for You? Find Out On a Free Strategy Session w/ ORDO GROUP Founder Here


Only One Investor Per Target Market Accepted!

Due to the overall small marketplace available for Multifamily Deal Sourcing:

We can only accept one qualified Investor for each City or Metro Area!

That's because, even if you're open to buying all types of Apartment Buildings, from 5 - 500+ units, there will still be only a small finite number of potential deals in any given market.

If you're only targeting buildings with 100+ units (as many of our Investors are), that target just got a lot smaller!

Obviously we can't call the same Seller one day on your behalf, then call them again days later on behalf of another Investor.

That's why we can only accept one Investor per target market!

Once we're running this campaign on your behalf, you will have the first right of refusal for any potential Deals we generate.

This includes both as potential Acquisitions for yourselves, as well as potential Wholesale Deals or Listings.

As of this moment, we still have the majority of Cities nationwide available.

However, spots are filling up fast!

Currently, the following locations are NOT available:

  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina

For everywhere else, the market is OPEN!

However, we'll be selling out on a first-come, first-served basis, so don't delay!

You can review Pricing & how to Get Started directly below.


Billed Via Monthly Retainer + Percentage-Based Performance Pay

While we originally launched this Done-For-You Multifamily Deal Pipeline Solution on a PURE Performance Basis (and we still have a few lucky Clients on this type of compensation plan)...

... To keep up with demand, and create a more scalable & dependable solution for you, we now offer this solution on a Monthly Retainer + Performance Pay model.

While you will be paying the Monthly Retainer out of pocket, that amount is fully reimbursable:

Every penny you spend on the Monthly Retainer Fee will be reimbursed as  hold-backs against future Performance Pay.

In other words, if you spend $35,000 on monthly Retainer Fees between Deals, you will be reimbursed the full $35,000 out of our next Performance Pay Bonus.

Ballpark Pricing Numbers

With that in mind, here are the ballpark ranges you can expect to pay on this Done-For-You Multifamily Deal Sourcing Solution:

  • $2,500 - $5,000+ Per Month Retainer Fee
    • covers our Hard Costs
    • Monthly Retainer depends on pace + scale
    • (more deals faster = larger Retainer)
  • 0.5% - 1.5% Finder's Fee on Acquisitions
  • 15% - 35% of Co-Wholesale Assignment Fees
    • (if we end up Wholesaling a property)
  • 15% - 35% of any Listing Fees
    • (if we end up Listing a property)

Those are ballpark pricing numbers, which are negotiable, both broadly, and on a deal-by-deal basis. They can also be scaled based on deal size (e.g. larger deal = smaller Finder's Fee %).

The Logic Behind the Numbers

In general, our logic behind the numbers is as follows:

Working larger Multifamily Deals in each individual market (and ultimately nationwide) is going to always be a very small universe --- usually <2,500 possible contacts for an entire metro area (sometimes as few as <500, depending on your Acquisition Criteria).

This means we always need to take an extremely white-glove, VIP-level approach to build long-term relationships with as many of these owners as possible. The average sales cycle can hover around 12 - 18+ months (or worse).

To do this right, we always need high-level staff on each stage of the pipeline: Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, and Sphere Of Influence (SOI). Even if each stage is only worked part-time, that alone ain't cheap (~$30k+ / yr range).

Therefore, on a bad year, our hard cost per deal could be in the $30k+ range!

These above numbers will at least cover our hard costs together, and still give us a chance to make greater Profit Per Employee when we over-perform.

REMINDER: The above logic is why it's important that --- to be a fit for this Done-For-You Deal Pipeline Solution --- you're qualified and ready to do at least $6,000,000 of Multifamily Acquisitions over the next 12 months, minimum!

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